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Marion Montgomery MA, LPC-S, CLC


Marion is a licensed psychotherapist, author, and speaker who provides her clients with the skills and strategies to help them live life more effectively and rise above circumstances that seem beyond their control. 


Marion loves helping professional women and young adults' learn how to re-ignite their passion, to let go of pass hurts and heal old wounds. Here moto is "When Life should dare...stretch...and do your best to live an abundant life. Life full of joy and appreciation of what matters most.


If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, career issues, uncertainty, fear and low self-esteem; or if you are not able to pinpoint what is stopping you from being the "best" you, then I am ready to help you break down the walls to a better life.   


"My approach to therapy is to provide support and guidance throughout the therapeutic process. I use an integrative approach, focusing on key concepts from various therapies to meet the individualized needs of the client. I am solution-focused, however I believed that true healing and closure starts from the “inside-out”. The goal of therapy is to help clients recognize blocks to growth, gain awareness of day-day experiences and to make healthy choices to change situations. I am committed to each client and with compassion and understanding, I work with you to help you build on your strengths, to attain personal growth and live a full and rewarding life."

Marion has been married for twenty years.  She enjoys Turner Classic Movies, reading, walking and bicycling when she is not serving others.

Marion is a graduate of Southern University and Prairie View A.M. University where she received her Bachelor of Science Engineering and her Master’s of Art Counseling. 

Marion has been featured in "Who’s Who of America" and "The Houston’s Defender" with article on “Fixing Broken Relationships. She also received the National Association of Professional Women's VIP of the Year Award in 2014, for excellence and services. She is a community leader and volunteers with several charitable organizations. She wants to make sure whatever she is doing, she is helping others. To Marion, that is what life is about.

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