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I so glad you are here, and I am ready to serve you. Are you excited about becoming a fully licensed counselor? Maybe you are little need to worry...I was had the same feelings and with a great supervisor, skills and support it all went well!

As your supervisor I will serve as a mentor, as well as a positive role model, who will assist you in developing a professional identity. Your Clinical supervision is an investment in your career and becoming the best.  Since a positive rapport between supervisor and supervisee is critical for successful supervision, to occurs, it is important that you select a supervisor that will help you grow as a professional while providing sound guidance and direction.


I know from experience that it is important to select a supervisor who has an array of experience…knowledge, clinical, private practice, who can guide you based on more than just theory, but from practical experience.

This is a big step, and though the pursuit is not easy, you're almost there...the final lap of the race…18 months...3000 hours.



This is an investment in your career as well as your future. Supervision is $300 per month, payable by the 5th of each month, unless other payment arrangements have been made. For your convivence you can pay via PayPal or Zelle Pay.


Thank You

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