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Find Your Place: Using The Art of Focus & Concentration

As a coach, you want your clients to recognize and fully understand their strengths and what it takes to achieve their goals and desires.

One of the issues that clients face is the ability to focus and concentrate. You can concentrate! But Will You?

In Theron Q. Dumont's book, The Power of Concentration, he explains that "Everyone has two natures. One wants to advance and the other wants to pull us back. The one we cultivate and concentrate on decides whether we are successful or not. To make the greatest success of anything you must be able to focus and concentrate your thought and intentions on what you truly desire."

We can learn how to concentrate. Let's use as an example; the jig-saw puzzle. The first thing I do; is to sort and arrange the pieces into groups (based on colors, border, etc.).

We can use this same principle when trying to accomplish our goals and desires. Ask these questions:

• What is my passion?

• What gives me joy and fulfillment?

• What knowledge and strengths do I possess?

Second, start with what’s familiar; when working on a puzzle we begin with framing or

establishing the border of the puzzle, use the same principle when establishing your

goals and deciding on the path or your course of action.

 Develop a timeline

 What resources are available to me (mentor, coach)

Develop a plan that includes small and achievable goals. By doing this it will increase your

ability to focus and concentrate on your desired purpose.

Remember as you work to build the life you desire, you will encounter obstacles and setbacks. Always look at the advantage you gain by overcoming obstacles, and it will give you the needed courage to move forward. As the puzzle of your life comes together, remember "what we focus on expands."

Don't give up, you can create and live the life you love and truly desire. Examine your progress, never lose sight of your vision, and continue to focus and do the work. You will complete what you started if you believe in your vision and have the faith to carry-on.

Practice This:

 Choose a thought, and see how long you can hold this thought on your mind

 Time yourself (begin with 1min., 5 min., 20min. a day.

 Make it real; what do you want? (health, money, love, a vacation, etc.)

 Get a mental imagine (see it, touch it, feel it) and do this daily

As you practice this activity, you will strengthen your ability to concentrate and focus and move closer to what you want to accomplish.

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