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Will-power and desire; the combination of will-power and desire makes an unstoppable pair. If your desires are to have a rich and rewarding life, then you must be a person who is persistent and ‘I can’t’ is not a part of your vocabulary. People who are persistent and driven knows that there is work to be done and it doesn’t matter what obstacles, setbacks or disappointment they encounter, their ultimate goal is to stay the course.

Lack of persistence is one of the major causes of failure. It is a weakness common to all; however, it is a weakness that can be overcome by effort. To achieve success in any endeavor (money, career, relationship, etc.) being persistence is the key to having what you desire.

History has shown that many men and women became successful not because they were smart, but because they had a desire that was so strong, that their faith and belief in want they wanted could not be shattered in the mist of obstacles, challenges and the “nay-sayer” they encounter.

Colonel Sander’s of Kentucky Fried Chicken, offered to share his secret recipe to restaurants if they would give him a portion of their profit. In the beginning of his venture he received a thousand no’s, he did not let the no’s discourage him; he was unstoppable and he was persistent! Could you?

Thomas Edison was an inventor who worked on the incandescent light bulb for years, he

developed thousands of bulbs and they failed. Edison simply stated “I know 10,000 ways that this bulb doesn’t work, and through persistence he forged on, and eventually he was successful. Can you continue with your goal through 10,000 failures or challenges that you will encounter?

Having the life you desire doesn’t’ come easy, but you can achieve it through persistence and perseverance. “Persistence is a state of mine, therefore it can be cultivated…persistence is based upon definite causes, among them are:

• Having a definite purpose – Do you know what you want? Knowing moves, you to action!

• Having desire – How badly do you want it? Easily to acquire what you want and maintain

persistence to get it.

• Being Resilient – Do you believe you have the ability and is well equipped to move


• Planning – Do you have an organized and realistic plan? Knowing that one’s plans are

sound encourages persistence.

• Support – Do you have liked-minded people who share your vision? Understanding and

cooperation from others develop persistence.

• Will-power – Can you stay the course and not give up when faced with obstacles?

• Great habits – Can you wake-up each morning and say, “I have dreams and desires to


Remember that we all have a place and that something to do, that no one else can do! I encourage you to find that place that only you can fill and make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

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