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Dare to Let Go

Like most people I believed that having a degree, was a prerequisite for a secure future. With a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, I was on top of the world, I had a bright future and I was ready to make an impact in the computer industry. Life was good! Being an engineer open up a whole new world for me. I went from living in a small town with only a caution light, and the stars to guide me at night; to living in a city where the stars were no longer visible, and guided by the lights of the city. This was exciting for me and I was ready to make my mark in the industry. I had this passion to do great things and I was well on my way. My first five years as an engineer was filled with adventure, traveling, meeting new people and working for a company that was fulfilling a great need for the consumers. I was happy to be a part of that; I was making a difference in the lives of others. This is what I wanted, I was doing a good thing and suddenly, I was “Let Go.”

I didn’t understand what had happen. What went wrong? Was my work not up to par? Had I offended someone? I had a degree, I had taken many courses to obtain that degree and not one of the courses I had taken had prepared me for this. I heard time and time again from my mother, from the teachers from the professors, the preachers and on and on, “get a good education child, and you will always have a job!” Right! I was shocked! Where do I go from here? Once I got over the shock I began my search for a new job. Was it easy? No, but I

prevail and life was great again, and then the unthinkable; I was “Let Go”. I found a new job and six months later I was “Let Go” again. I hope you are beginning to get the picture,

sometimes when life happens, we have to re-evaluate and rethink life. When setbacks and

disappointments arises it is not the time to get depressed (well maybe for a moment), but it is the time to ask some powerful questions and to make some powerful decisions. How do I get my life back on track? What is it the meaning of this experience? What is my calling, my purpose? And then, I had to make the decision to let go. I had to make a decision that engineering was not the path that God had predestined for me. I had to get quiet and figure out what was next. I became a math instructor, I tutor students, I went back to school and invested in me. I let go of being and engineer and re-invented “me”.

Today, I want to encourage you to let go of the things or the people who are not adding value to who you are. The things that are weighing you down, the things that are keeping you from living a rich, full and prosperous life. I want to challenge you to make the decision to “Let Go”.

I want you to meditate and practice for the next seven days this simple principle:

Today I will let go of ________________________________________________

What are you holding onto? A hopeless relationship? A dead-end job? An unfulfilling career? Anger? Fear? Hatred? Low self-esteem? Decide Now to change your life. Dare to Let Go…Find Your Place and begin to live again, see yourself as successful, and success will find you.

Think on this principle from the book; The Alchemist:

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

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