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Find Your Place

“There is a place that you are to fill

and no one else can fill,

something you are to do, which no one else can do.”

I been asked over a hundred times “are you in a good place?” As a psychotherapist

and life coach, I find myself asking my clients the same question; “are you in a good

place?” This is a dynamic question! It is critical to know where you are, before you can

move forward in life, in your relationships with others, succeeding in business, getting

out of debt, in finding your place, in becoming an extraordinary “you.”

Life happened to me in my early thirties. I had a bright future as an engineer. I was

going places and I was going to change the world, until one day the unthinkable happen.

I was told that my service was no longer needed. I was fired! I was let go! My mind was

like a raging river; raging with questions about what to do next. I had a home, two cars

and a ton of debt. My life was unfolding, and I didn’t have a clue on what I was going to

do! It was clear that engineering was not “that something” I was to do. Being an

engineer became a burden. My life was like a roller coaster, I wasn’t stable, I was fearful

and rightly so. I had been let go three times within two years. Enough!

I was sitting in my home one day, thinking and wondering about my future, and I

remembered a quote that I had read in a book years ago. I got up from the sofa, went into

a closet where I stored my books and the first book I saw was the book with the quote:

“there is a place you are to fill and no one else can fill, something you are to do, and no

one else can do.” I wrote it down and it became my mantra. What is that place that I am

to fill was a question that I asked myself daily. The more I asked the question, the more I

began to experience clarity. I began to get this new perspective on life. My self-esteem

and my confidence was back. I was ready to embrace change, I was ready to move-on,

start-over and “find my place.”

When Life Happens; how do you navigate through the difficulties and find your

place? How do you move on from an unhealthy relationship? How do you get out of debt

and find financial freedom? How do you begin to live your best life?

The first step in “Finding Your Place” is to build a healthy mental attitude. To do this we

must get rid of the negative thinking; we have to focus on the solutions instead of

focusing on the situation. This week I am challenging you to work on creating a healthy mental attitude:

Weekly Challenge: Building a Healthy Mental Attitude

 Think Quietly, Constantly, and Persistently on the things you want (Phil. 4:8)

 Form a mental picture: imagination and clarity is important (1Cor. 2:9)

 Be definite about what you want; not the detail on how to get it (Rom. 4:17)


• Were your thoughts positive at all times?

• Did you focus on the solution or the situation?

• Did you gain clarity and insight into what you want?

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Join me September 14 for Step Two: How to Become Emotionally Equipped

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